Victory Offices Staff Enquiry Form

Prospect Information

The accuracy and depth of this information is important and valuable for sales and marketing insights

Questions you could ask depending on their type of enquiry:
- How did you find out about Victory Offices?
- What prompted you to find out about serviced office solutions today?
- What drove you to our website today?
The more information we can find out about this the better, so if the prospect shares more information about how they found out about Victory Offices, please include it here.

If they are being friendly / talkative and say they found us on Google, there is an opportunity to ask them "what words did you search?"
Other insights are:
- words they used to search in Google (or similar)
- what site they were on when they saw our advertisement
- the name of the person who referred us to them (& are they a current VO member?)
- where they already aware of the benefits of "flexible workspace solutions" or are they new to our market
- where they already aware of Victory Offices
- what article they were reading that told them about Victory Offices &/or our services
- what event/webinar did they attend
Please specify how you gathered the information for this enquiry?

Enquiry Solution Information

What information / outcome is the prospect expecting to get from you following this enquiry?