A Masterclass with Modern People | Building Your Purposeful Network

Presented by Victory Offices | A masterclass in building your purposeful network

Imagine a network of passionate and authentically motivated people, whose Purpose is to positively contribute to your dreams and aspirations. That is invaluable.

So how do you achieve this?

A common challenge many individuals with BIG dreams and aspirations for IMPACT experience, is connecting with the right people to join them and support them on the journey. The success of any one person is actually a reflection of their network and support crew. Your network may not directly influence your business or work-life, but they support your personal development, your wellbeing, and form your launchpad for life.

Together, we question:

Who challenges you? Who brings you peace? Who lifts you up? Who inspires you?

In this Masterclass, we will define what a thriving network looks and feels like, and provide the tools to build and develop your own blueprint identifying areas of balance and imbalance in the elements of life.

In this Masterclass, we dive deep into:

• Understanding Purpose and Values and how that translates in the people you surround yourself with

• Growth is finding the balance between support and challenge

• The importance of aligning Values

• The role you can play in another’s network

• Who is contributing to your mind, your body, and your heart

About Modern People:

Our dream is for individuals and companies around the world to be connected to their unique purpose. We are Australia’s first purpose-driven strategic consulting, human resources and human optimisation company. As the first social enterprise in this space for commercial business we reinvest our profits into community and social impact activities and inspire our clients to do the same.We are redefining the way organisations source, lead and inspire their leaders and teams using a unique purpose-driven framework as part of our process we believe when companies realise the purpose of each and every employee and truly support them in their pursuits, this is the secret to longevity in business.

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Thu 01 Oct 2020


12:00 PM - 2:00 PM



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