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Why it’s marketing AND sales not marketing vs sales

In 2020, a strong bottom line and customer credibility go hand in hand.

Just like marketing and sales.

So why are these two vital functions so often in opposition?

And how can you break the stalemate, so that they work together to achieve your commercial goals?

Hint: LinkedIn plays a key role…


  • Why it’s marketing AND sales not marketing vs sales
  • Turn Leads into clients
  • Reap what you sow

Megan Edwards is a Melbourne-born LinkedIn strategist and content marketer of over 20 years, who began her marketing career back when print advertising was the dominant communication channel.

She helps businesses of all sizes build a LinkedIn presence to support their business goals, with a key focus on growing brand awareness, lead generation and authority.

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Ingrid Maynard has worked with organisations such as The Body Shop, Officeworks, SAI Global, Foxtel, Swinburne University, Deakin University, and industries including Automotive, Engineering, Construction, Wholesale Distribution, Finance and Advertising to transform their sales leaders, sales people and processes.

Because Ingrid’s mission is to make selling easier, fun and a metaphor for success, her clients find their top and bottom lines improving at a rate they’d never before or thought possible.

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