Reflect, Design & Create A Focused 2021 | With SJ Coaching

Setup for a focused 2021 with SJ Coaching

Since COVID values and behavioural preferences have changed and people are re-evaluating. 2020 has seen us adapt to an ever-changing landscape, but looking to the future is our opportunity to not just survive but to thrive.

In this very special event with SJ Coaching, we are asking our attendees to bring their goals for 2021 so founder Sarita Johan can help you workshop them in real-time.

Sarita Johan will be available to answer your questions throughout the session, and along with Victory Offices, is excited to help you turn your INTENTIONS into concrete PLANS.

Join Sarita Johan Coaching as she:

  • Breaks down goals with a focus on action and progress.
  • Aligns your vision with yourself and your organization.
  • And what you can do when results happen or don’t happen.

Giveaway for attendees usually valued at $1500:

– Framework to help you design your 2021 with clarity and focus

– Access to one of the world’s most unique assessment tools providing you insights on what motivates you, your preferred behavioral style, and what your superpowers are .

Business and Transformation Coach

Sarita Johan has more than 30 years of experience in business across a variety of industries with clients across the globe. Her super-powers are working with people and unlocking their inner genius, both personally and professionally.

Sarita combines a blend of business and behavioural proven strategies that will help clients from all walks of life ‘thrive and design life on their terms’.


Sarita specialises in:

♦️ Bespoke 1 on 1 Executive Coaching

♦️ Suitability of potential new hires providing Pre-recruitment insights

♦️ Team executive group coaching

♦️ Communication improvements

♦️ Emotional Intelligence upgrading

♦️ Mindset


Thu 19 Nov 2020


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM



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  • Sarita Johan
    Sarita Johan

    Stop guessing, start knowing. Discover how the Success and Self-Discovery framework provides you with your roadmap to growth, more profit and more time in your business. Lead your team to achieve excellence. Warning: this process is life changing.

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