Wellness Wednesday | 30 Minute Group Breathwork Session

You breathe every day and have been doing so all your life, so why do you need to learn to breathe again?

“Breath is the key to physical and mental well-being, and if done properly, it can boost energy, relieve pain, and transform our lives.” Tony Robbins

Most people think that breathwork is all about oxygenation of your body when in fact it is about controlling the CO2 levels in your body. Controlling CO2 helps your parasympathetic nervous system relax your body; or if needed, fire up your sympathetic nervous system to bring heightened alertness.

During times of high stress, we are often breathing in a way that keeps us on ‘high alert’ for long periods of time and this can have a negative effect on our well-being. In this session, Laugh Yoga instructor and Breathwork student Braith Bamkin will teach you 3 simple yet effective breath styles and help you to cultivate a level of breath awareness for optimum performance.


Braith Bamkin is the Executive Director of BNI Melbourne Central as well as an engaging trainer and public speaker covering topics from Networking, Referral generation, Target Market and Human Connectivity.

With a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Masters in Marketing, Braith is a certified Breathwork & Laugh Yoga Leader. Braith discovered the power of these tools during a stressful period in his own business life which culminated in the onset of a Bell’s Palsy in Colombia.

Braith is passionate about business owners achieving their maximum potential through breathwork and enthusiastically shares his knowledge one on one and with large audiences around the globe.



Wed 05 Aug 2020


12:00 PM - 12:30 PM



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  • Braith Bamkin
    Braith Bamkin

    As an expert in human Connection, he works with businesses and individuals to help them stay “Connected in a Disconnected World”.

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