HYBRID 101 – Why You Should Make This Change Too!

Written by Christine Thomson, Multi-Site Manager & Marketing Assistant at Victory Offices.

We all know the age old saying Happy Wife, Happy Life. But what about Happy Workspace, Happy Workplace!

Hybrid working has come about from lockdowns, social distancing, and the amazing economic growth post-pandemic. Some days we can work from the office and others from the comfort of your own home, or the local café, or even another state. Because one thing we’ve learnt is that a lot of jobs can be done remotely and you can trust your people to get it done from anywhere.

But now we sit towards the end of the pandemic and we’ve made a social decision not to return to the old ways of office 9-5 life. Why? Because we are happier. Happier with flexibility, happier with choice, happier with our attire, happier with our families and pets. Just overall happier. And that keeps us engaged in our roles and increases our motivation and innovation when we are working.

Remote working does however give us a craving to be around people, whether it be for meetings, office lunches, socialising with colleagues or even just to wear some new shoes. So a day in the office seems like a school excursion with a packed lunch included!
Hybrid work models give companies an opportunity to rotate their teams in and out of the office, keeping rent costs down and employee expansion at an all time high. Virtual meetings with the team are well known by now, people don’t physically need to be present to absorb the same information, so why not give it a go. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results within a short period of time.

Trust your people, trust your company values and embrace change.

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