Shared Office Space In Brisbane


In your own semi-private office, enjoy the convenience of not needing to carry your office around with you every day.


Never overcrowded, your office space will only be shared with 5-10 others.


We provide an all-inclusive package! Never be surprised by your bill again.


Enjoy complimentary beverage service including European Coffee, chilled, filtered water & T2 tea.


Our on-site technical and administration support are here to help!


With over 2000+ active clients, become a Victory Offices member and gain access to participate in our regular networking events.


These features are what makes us the premier office solution, ensuring that you not only enjoy your time in one of our locations, but find it to be productive and conductive in achieving your business goals.


Professional and friendly staff to welcome your guests and answer all your phone calls in your company name.


High quality fit outs including european designed desks, ergonomic chairs, sleep pods & sit-to-stand desks.


Cleaning, air conditioning, heating, gas, electricity, water, building insurance, security, equipment repairs, etc.


Members lounge and other break areas provided.


Access to meeting room and boardroom spaces.


Sound proof private phone booths, for those private conversations or video calls.


Onsite Café Barista, including unlimited filtered water, European coffee and T2 tea directly to your desk.


High speed internet and Wi-Fi data connection (5GB data included per user, per month).


Have a dedicated phone number on our CISCO handset with voicemail to email technology.


Impressive Reception area with no logos or signage – we’re here to promote your business, not ours.


Access to professional Secretarial services. Pay in 15 minute increments, per hour or per day.


We ensure that your mail is received and delivered in a safe and timely manner.

FIND A shared office NEAR YOU

Focus on your core business and let us handle the rest when you sign up for use of a day offices at any of our locations:

Shared Office Space

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of starting your own small business. Unless, you have your roommates, parents or kids walking through what is supposed to be your office. Perhaps, you’re easily distracted or you’re missing the social element of an office. Whatever the reason, you feel like it’s time to branch out and try out a collaborative office space. Our shared office space situates you in the heart of sunny Brisbane’s financial and entertaining districts.

Victory Offices serve a wide range of businesses from early-stage start-ups and freelancers, to remove workers and large established companies. A shared office space with Victory Offices gives you access to different Brisbane businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries.

What to consider when looking for a Shared Office Space

At Victory Offices, we are dedicated to helping Brisbane businesses find a space to call their own without having to sign an expensive or lengthy lease. Using a shared office space as the home of your business or start-up can support them as they take flight.

Shared office spaces are also ideal for short term use or travelling professionals who need somewhere to work temporarily. Located in metropolitan Brisbane suburbs, Victory Offices offer the perfect launching pad for your next project or business. Regardless of your industry, our community can motivate you and help you thrive.

When looking at the perfect office space for you, our friendly team can work with you to add as many services as you require. Our shared offices can offer you the support, adaptability, and sense of community in Brisbane. Contact our knowledgeable team to find the right amenities and services for you.

The perfect space for your Brisbane business

Think about your businesses’ needs and requirements and your plans for growth. If you spend most of your workday offsite, like working on a photoshoot or on a field assignment, a smaller space might suit you better. If your team works mainly at a desk, a small space may not be comfortable for them. Flexible, shared offices spaces are designed to provide your team with a range of places to work. Victory Offices have personalised, tailored plans that provide teams with the freedom to work where, when, and how they want.

Who would benefit from Shared Office Spaces?

Travelling professionals and entrepreneurs – Shared office spaces allow you to work when and how it suits you. Our offices in Brisbane are available for you at all hours, so you can benefit from structure without affecting your own freedom. Balance the need for your own freedom, with an office space that your business can call home.

Businesses between offices – Perhaps during lockdown you’ve decided to scale up or down due to the. If your business is in between an old lease before you move to a new office, a shared office space is a good option in the interim.

Individuals looking for a space to quiet down and produce quality work – A shared office space produces a collaborative environment and a sense of community. In a co-working space, you’re able to meet, converse and bounce ideas off likeminded people whose experiences, and ideas are different to yours. This change in perspective may be what you need to catapult and grow your business.

Lawyers – Lawyers can benefit from shared resources and can save on overhead in a shared office space. You can enjoy furnished offices and access to printers, scanners as well as fast Wi-Fi and a phone system. If you’re a lawyer that needs to travel for work, a shared office space offers state-of-the-art amenities technology and any other professional services.

Students – Students that are working on a side project to their studies or an early-stage start-up can benefit from shared office space in Brisbane. Shared office space encourages networking where you are likely to meet people who can help you with your idea, or better yet even provide mentorship to you.

Benefits of a Shared Office Space

Flexibility: Allow your shared office space to grow with your business. Rather than setting up a new office space, you can enjoy luxurious furniture and spaces that are already set up.

Opportunities to network with start-up founders: Have the ability to network with prospective mentors across industries.

Greater access to key players and partnerships: Shared office space is a hub for creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Victory Offices in Brisbane are looking to create start-up ecosystems which allow you to created partnerships with other entrepreneurs. Your next big client or angel investor could be in your co-working space.

Amenities and services: When you are trying to find the best shared office space, you want to make sure that you include your non-negotiable co-working amenities. The right amenities keep you and your team happy and satisfied with the space they use.

Educational opportunities: Panel discussions, programming for tech, start-ups, workshops are only some of the regular networking events that we hold. With our community of active clients, you can gain access to our events to get advice for growing your business.