Shared Office Space Melbourne

Shared Office Space in Melbourne

Why a shared office space?

In your own semi-private office, you can enjoy a shared space without the distraction of the coworking environment. Enjoy the convenience of not needing to carry your office around you every day. Our private offices best suit established or new business owners that need permanent desk space, or those that need privacy or security. Victory Offices have a solution to suit the size of your business. We provide you with a permanent desk in a semi-private office, and we guarantee that there will only be 5-10 other people maximum sharing this space with you.

You can get the best of both worlds in our shared office space in Melbourne. The best part about our space is that you can join our coworking spaces if you are looking for another perspective for your business problem.

When it comes to cultivating our community, we are all about growing with your business. That’s why we provide flexible working arrangements so that you can scale your office space. When your team grows, we can help you easily make the transition to a bigger space. Whether you need an office for 2 people, or a team of 20, our shared office space in Melbourne has the best facilities of every shape and size.

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Coworking Office Space Melbourne
Coworking Office Melbourne

Looking For Shared Office Space in Melbourne?

A successful business requires one thing: Passion.

We are passionate about supporting your business and start-up needs. Enjoy being a part of a community that is passionate about innovating. Every day, we encourage more connections, help you interact, and build community beyond your workplace. Joining Victory Offices can offer your business countless and incredible networking and business opportunities. We host events to assist our members to connect and collaborate together.

Victory Offices can help your business thrive and succeed. Enjoy all the perks of having private office space, whilst being a part of a flourishing community. Our flexible shared office spaces in Melbourne give you more control to be used in collaborative work or quiet work.

With over 2000+ active clients, become a Victory Offices member and gain access to participate in our regular networking events. Our friendly staff can help you with any problem you have and can even facilitate introductions between other members!


Work in Melbourne’s favourite beachside suburb

Our three-floor building at 180 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda has been designed with a focus on work-life balance, a relaxing atmosphere, community and most importantly a place where your business can exceed the benchmark.

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Live, work, and play in this vibrant and creative hub

Located in Melbourne’s established creative and tech hub and just 5km away from Melbourne’s CBD, this light-filled, sculptural 8-level crystalline landmark features a rooftop terrace with breathtaking 360 views and hotel-style end-of-trip facilities fit for the contemporary knowledge economy.

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Melbourne’s world-class benchmark

With over six convenient office locations in the Melbourne CBD, Victory Offices offers a corporate address and expression of architecture where your business needs to be, everything is either at your fingertips or doorstep to ensure your business succeeds.

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Sunshine offices that really shine

Located in the Super Hub of the West, our Sunshine offices are your gateway to CBD-style business without the commute. This brand-new building offers spectacular light-filled spaces and stunning CBD views.

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Premium Shared Office Spaces & Private Offices Melbourne

Don’t let costly leases hold you back from your business goals. Shared offices are cheaper than their full office counterparts. Buying a large office could set back your business and leasing private office space in Melbourne can cost you thousands. With our membership fees, we provide an all-inclusive competitive pricing structure, so you can be sure that your shared space benefits you in the long term. By saving on private office space in Melbourne, you can streamline and forecast your workspace cost and scale easily when you need to. You can also add any of our additional services to your package to support your business ambitions.

With our flexible contracts, you won’t need to commit to several years and break your lease if you decide to build your business. Shared office space can be reduced to a monthly, daily, or hourly basis. If your needs are constantly changing, this flexibility is a must for your workspace.

Victory Offices provide more than just contemporary, shared office space in Melbourne. Our spaces are designed to be more than a beautiful place to work. As a member, your company receives access to our on-site IT support, virtual assistants, our friendly reception staff, event spaces, meeting rooms, and much more!

Our other benefits include access to incredible facilities, use of meeting rooms with breathtaking views, lightning speed internet, end-of-journey facilities, our luxurious and spacious collaboration areas, and more!

If you’re looking for the right place to grow your team, our private office spaces in Melbourne give you the advantage of elegant spaces in premium locations. Whatever direction your team lives in, they will be able to easily commute to your building. A private office in Melbourne’s busiest cities is convenient for all.

Join our community of entrepreneurs and digital nomads – unlimited tea and coffee is just a bonus! Contact Victory Offices today for a quote.