­­­­­At Victory Offices, we treat each event as an opportunity to inspire your guests and create lifelong memories. Our award-winning six-star service and meticulous attention to detail lay the foundation for your seamlessly run events.

Let us do all of the hard work while you focus on what’s most important – connecting with your attendees.

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host your next event at the lounge

Corporate Events
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Our sophisticated venues and six star service is the perfect recipe for your event’s success. Whether it’s an EOFY party or annual company conference, our space will be transformed to cater to your needs. The Lounge is designed to allow guests to move fluidly between lounge and bar areas, including booth and table settings. Focus on your business and colleagues while we do everything else.


We know it’s important that your special day holds long-lasting memories for you and your attendees. Our experienced on-site team will assist with large scale events up to 200 guests, so you can actually enjoy your own event knowing that your guests are having a good time. You and your guests will experience our six star service that makes the Victory Lounge so special, and your birthday, engagement party or whatever occasion it is, will be unforgettable.

what's included

· Professional event hosts to ensure your function runs smoothly

· Audio Visual Facilities with Music & Video Library

· Premium and exclusive environment

· Experienced Bartender makes cocktails on demand

two premium locations

Our locations, in the heart of the CBD and Chadstone The Fashion Capital, can be transformed into a space catered specifically for your event.