We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

You’re trying to sleep but your mind’s whirring with thoughts.

You check the time every few minutes, and you keep hearing your partner’s breathing.

You’re worried that you’re not yet asleep, given how much you have to get done tomorrow.

And that anxiety further kills any chance you had of dropping off to sleep any time soon!

Want to never sleep badly ever again? Keen to quieten your anxiety levels so that you sleep and work a whole lot better?

In this lunchtime talk, you will learn how you can sleep better, feel calmer, and turbo-charge your productivity… without resorting to sleeping pills (and other short-term ‘remedies’ that don’t actually work).


Neomal Silva is an expert in stress management and a teacher of Vedic Meditation. He has worked as a management & project consultant throughout Europe and Australia with clients like Nokia and Accenture. He has taught, and conducted research, at Oxford University. He teaches a 20-minute technique that provides significantly more rest than sleep, and dramatically lowers anxiety levels.