Attracting talented staff members is fundamental to any businesses success.  As a business owner you want to attract the best and you want them to stay as long as possible. Great employee retention equals increased profits, fantastic customer service and higher job satisfaction.  So what are the best candidates looking for when they choose their next position? According to a recent study by Hassell (2014) this is made up of four factors; culture, workplace facilities, salary and good technology.

Is it worth giving your office a face lift?

Although salary was found to be the most influential factor in workplace selection. The lure of higher paying positions can be outweighed with a combination of organisational culture and workplace facilities. With workplace culture, facilities and technology attracting 37% of candidates despite a lower salary.  This technique if employed correctly will be a more cost effective option that will propel the competitiveness of your business in the recruitment process.

What features are people looking for?

Providing additional facilities beyond just an attractive work environment is highly influential on job selection.  Extra features were found to have the biggest influence on decision making other than wage. This study found that car parking was the most commonly looked for feature, followed by food and drink outlets and then by access to outdoor areas. For specific applicant’s speciality features such as bike storage & childcare facilities also increased the attractiveness of a workplace.

What is the optimum workplace layout?

When designing your new workspace opting for an open plan office with allocated work desks is the most attractive work style for potential candidates.  Interestingly open-plan desks with partitions were the most preferred method of working and were rated more desirable over employees having their own private office.

The importance of a creative/ modern work space in recruitment

Throughout this study the need for creative, colourful and inspiring workplaces stood out as a defining factor for employee retention.  In fact, a creative modern space is three times more attractive to potential employees than a grey corporate space, regardless of how the workspace is laid out.

How Victory Offices can help you recruit the best talent

At Victory Offices walk into luxury office space with breath-taking views, state of the art ICT technology & modern contemporary designs.  Ensure your workspace has the best facilities for your employees find out more about our flexible workspace solutions by calling 1300 788 292.

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