Busting Ergonomic Myths | Daniel Grynberg & Michael Armitage

Webinar Description:

Ergonomics is a topic most of you are aware of, especially if you have spent any time working from home over the past 2 years. But how many of you really know what proper ergonomics is and what some of the most common myths are, like:

  • Kneeling chairs are best for people with back pain
  • Standing all day is better than sitting
  • Taking a break every 2 hours is adequate
  • Good ergonomics means expensive equipment

In this webinar, Victory Offices is delighted to have occupational and health experts Daniel Grynberg and Michael Armitage share their insights and dispel the most common myths around ergonomics in the home and office to reduce your pain, increase your happiness and save you money.

Company Bio:

Active Health Online (AHO) are experts in workspace health, safety and wellbeing. AHO’s Founder Daniel and Head Of Operations Michael together have over 40years experience in the health and wellbeing sector. As a Chiropractor and Sports Therapist, Daniel specialises in helping people reduce their pain, move better and live happier healthier lives. Michael is an Occupational Physiotherapist and Mental Health 1st Aider that has developed a system and passion for proactive health and wellbeing interventions. Together they form a formidable team helping businesses and individuals prevent injuries, increase productivity, improve mental health and reduce the costs of poor workspace ergonomics.


Tue 10 May 2022


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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