3 Ways Victory Offices Can Support You During A Crisis And Beyond

As our world navigates the difficult and uncharted waters of Covid-19 we want to discuss how Victory Offices can help support you and your business during this and any crisis.

Of course, it goes without saying, that Victory Offices have:

  • Increased sanitization across all locations
  • Offer flexible packages and your first two weeks free on any service
  • We have postponed all in person events and replaced them with weekly virtual events.
  • We have reduced staffing whilst ensuring job security for our amazing Victory family, and continue to monitor this pandemic as it evolves.

But we’re also looking beyond, we are not only here to ensure your business survives but is ready to thrive.

Whilst we can’t tell you what the future holds, we can help you future proof your business.

1. Where do we begin?

Grab a notepad and pen and watch the below video for The CHOICES Map; a series of questions that will help you navigate massive change and gain clarity in your life and business. 

The CHOICES Map is a series of questions developed by authors and executive coaches Gail McDonald and Marilyn Bushey.

The questions have been slightly altered to be more relevant professionally.

If you would like to share some of your answers, please leave a comment!

2. Social isolation doesn't have to mean emotional isolation

Victory Offices strives to add value to your 9 to 5, whether that’s through our designer offices, our well trained staff, and, of course, through the plethora of events

But of course, that all had to change, and we had to adapt.

In fact, we created a space digitally for human interaction by filling our event calendar with virtual events and webinars.

We want to support your need for community as well as your need to stay focused and motivated professionally.

3. There is a beginning, middle and end to every story

This too shall pass, will the future be different? Of course, but we will not be living in this Covid-19 silo forever, which is why we wanted to share three small but impactful reminders.

Remain consistentAs a crisis hits, our adrenaline spikes; we’re thrown into having to take quick action. However, it’s like a sugar high and the crash is inevitable.

Keep perspective It’s important to lead with the big picture in mind. Anticipate and plan for what could happen next week, next month, and next year.

Focus on your people Focusing on the daily metrics of your company will not be what brings you out of this, instead it will be those that make up your company.

Do you have any other questions or thoughts about how your business can survive a crisis? Include them in the comments below, that’s where the most important conversations happen!

If you’re also looking for a flexible work place solution that will see you through Covid-19 and has the capacity to grow with you beyond, please get in touch!

Remember to subscribe to our channel Victory TV, and I’ll see you next time with more helpful videos so we can help you EXCEED THE BENCHMARK

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