Australians love coffee. Lattes and flat whites being two of most favoured caffeinated beverages around the country. A study by Mccrindle and Jura Australia found that 75% of adult Aussies drink at least one cup a day and, of these, 28% consume three or more cups a day. Many professionals rely on a steaming hot cup of coffee to get us up and ready to take on each day, but does it really improve our productivity? Well, grab your mug and let’s take a look at the benefits of coffee drinking.

The “Energy” Effect

Most people agree that a cup of coffee helps them feel more switched on and is key to improving their overall mood. There is a reason why caffeine is the most widely consumed nervous system stimulant but how does it work? Essentially, caffeine tricks our adenosine receptors and inhibits the release of this compound. This is a compound our body lets out throughout the day which causes us to feel tired. At the same time, caffeine stimulates the release of dopamine which works as a mood-lifter. So not only does your morning cup of coffee reduce tiredness and increase alertness, it also boosts your mood.

Helps You Learn Faster

In today’s business landscape, it is essential for professionals to consume mass amounts of content. Picking up a new skill requires focus and trying to learn something quickly, can be difficult. However, studies show that even 2 cups of coffee (200mg of caffeine) can increase the speed with which you identify words and phrases. It also showed that coffee consumption improves short-term memory and problem-solving activities. So next time you’re picking up a new skill, pick up a coffee first

Coffee Is Social

Are you a caffeinated social butterfly? If not, maybe you should start. A study at MIT found that co-workers who take coffee breaks together have an overall improvement in productivity. The study focused on the relationship between the strength of an individual’s social group and their productivity, confirming the positive influence of socialising at work. The casual nature of a coffee break can promote conversation and creativity between team members and is shown to improve employee satisfaction in the workplace as well. It gives co-workers an environment to share ideas as well as personal and professional experiences outside of the workplace.

The Downside

Caffeine is effectively a stimulant drug and consuming too much will have negative side effects. The way individual’s react to caffeine varies, and as such it’s difficult to say exactly how much caffeine is too much. According to a report from the Institute of Medicine, at about six cups of coffee ( 600mg of caffeine) is when most people will begin to feel the negative side effects including jitters.

Having too much caffeine can affect your sleeping pattern. A lack of restorative sleep can lead to a need for more coffee each day, thus creating a vicious cycle of too much caffeine and not enough downtime.

Final Thoughts

While there are benefits and drawbacks of drinking coffee, as long as you’re consuming moderate amounts in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, you should not see any of the negative effects.

So, if you’re looking to become more productive in the workplace don’t be afraid to grab one of our complimentary barista made coffees.