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New year, fresh start

Written by Grace Dowell, Assistant Manager at Victory Offices

A fresh start, a new year (we hope). The past few years we have seen many challenges when it comes to working from home and being able to create that happy work-life balance.

If you are one that is dreading going back into the office because you’ve been able to do tasks such as, put a load of washing on just before a meeting or anything else that will allow you that rest time as soon as you are ‘clocked off’, these tips will help you be able to have a smooth transition back into the office. 

christopher gower

1. Have a look at your office

Throughout the year, you can see a lot of clutter build up in your office. You may be busy one minute and throw some files somewhere they are not meant to be, and suddenly you see a tower of misplaced items. This can unknowingly cause a lot of stress and remove the feeling that the office can be a nice place to be. Set and organized spaces can create a feeling of accomplishment and can suddenly spark that feeling that makes you want to be in the office!

2. Look at what worked for you in your WFH arrangements

Try to transfer the habits you created when WFH into your working from the office lifestyle. Maybe you liked taking a walk in the middle of the day, in the office try going for a walk at the same time to get a coffee or just to walk around the block and take in some sun. all work and no break time will result in burnout, and I am sure you and your boss don’t want that so make sure to take regular breaks throughout the day!

3. You’re back in the office so make sure you log off at home!

We know that sometimes it’s hard to just ‘log off’, you may have something on your mind that you want to get done because it’s stressing you out, so maybe don’t do this every day of the week, but how about once or twice? You are back in the office which means you CAN separate your work-home life and ensure you create that balance.

4. Create a fresh workspace

You may not be able to redesign your entire office (even though it would be lovely if you could), but you can control the space on your desk in your workspace. Why not try adding some nature to your desk or changing up your pen and document holder. Maybe you’ve wanted to try a new filing system, now is the perfect time! Add a picture of your favorite people to your desk, this might help to inspire you in what you’re doing in the office.

A fresh start can be exactly what some of us need and now is the perfect opportunity. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for you.

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