Professionally Tailored Office Spaces

There has been a dynamic shift in how companies have operated post lockdown, with many small to medium-sized businesses opting for more flexible workplace solutions in opposition to traditional solutions, due to working from home routines. 

This allows companies to work remotely while maintaining a tangible office space for essential business operations such as presentations, seminars, meetings, and team collaboration activities. 

One of the major advantages to ditching traditional solutions in favour of flexible solutions is the ability to customise the office space in a unique and personalised way that better reflects the business’ brand image and the clients it services. Furthermore, customisation can provide a comfortable work environment that enhances efficiency and encourages the productivity of employees.

Brand image is more than a logo that identifies your business, product or service. It reflects your values as a business and how you present yourself to your clients. Here at Victory Offices, we are strong believers that you do not get a second chance at first impressions, therefore leaving a positive first impression is a vital aspect in building on your brand image. That first impression is based on a variety of factors, from the initial point of contact, your website, to the layout of your office space.

A customised office solution provides the flexibility of personalising your work environment in a way that helps enhance and outline that brand image, giving your business the ability to showcase its service offerings in a unique and distinctive way that sets it apart from your competitors. In this case, presentation is everything, and what your customer sees contributes to the perception they have of your business.

Statistics show that employee efficiency and productivity are directly related to the work environment, with office layouts being a contributing factor to overall wellbeing and work satisfaction. While there has been a massive shift in working from home routines, a large percentage of employees felt like they were more productive working in a collaborative environment or in a coworking space.

At Victory, we provide an optional fit-out service where we can help to redesign your suite. This is one way we support our members and make them the centre of our business. The customised fit-out option is quite popular with members who generally have a longer lease term for a larger office space that accommodates more than 2 people. Nonetheless, we are happy to provide this customisation service for all our members if they wish to do so!

Although members fall in love with our high-quality European furniture and think it is great that we provide fully furnished offices that they can move right into, we also give them the option to bring in their own furniture if they desire to have a specific look or theme that better reflects their brand image – they do spend 8 hours a day in those offices after all!

We also provide our members with the help and assistance in setting up a customised office space where they tell us what they want, and we go out and source it for a one-off service fee. The best part is they get to keep the furniture after the lease period has ended. This takes the effort out of wanting to make your office space feel like home!


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