The Corporate Spruce – 3 Ways to Bring Life to Your Office

On average, we spend 1,900 hours a year in the office, so it only seems fitting to make your workspace more like home. Whether you’re in a bright window suite or the humble internal office, we look at 3 ways to make the space amongst your four walls burst with energy. 

Pigment of Your Imagination

Choosing the right colour and décor scheme is the best way to make the most out of any space, especially when you don’t have much space at all. Whilst colours like peach and daffodil can boost enthusiasm and creativity, teal and emerald promote focus and performance.

When working with an internal office with no natural light, things can be a bit tricky. If you are a minimalist, we recommend a soft grey backdrop with white furnishings and striking greenery. For something with a bit of zest, opt for a blush feature wall, chrome features and white marble prints.  Strategically placed mirrors and glass also have the natural ability to make a space feel larger, so don’t be afraid to bring these components into your professional setting. 

Welcome to the Jungle

Bringing live plants into your office may seem a little daunting, especially if your green thumb has seen better days. However, there are many benefits to greenery in the workplace that you may not even notice. 

The humble desk plant brings us closer to nature and makes us feel like we aren’t stuck inside for that nine to five, influencing a sense of calm and peace. Certain indoor plants like the rubber tree plant provide air-purifying abilities as well, which can turn your office into a literal breath of fresh air. 

Some of the best options for those who want to liven up their windowsill are various succulents and cacti or pairing pelargoniums and bougainvillea for that pop of floral colour. Our personal favourite would be the Chinese Money Plant (pilea) for its deep leathery green leaves.

If your space has little to no light, never fear, there are many high tolerance plants available to you. The hardy snake plant can grow from 12 to 48 inches tall and bears striking gold-rimmed leaves. Alternatively, the ZZ Plant is incredibly popular and one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. 

Light it Up

Recently businesses are moving away from the traditional fluorescent lighting as LED becomes cheaper and causes less migraine-symptoms. Depending on the area, different shades of lighting can set the right mood and improve employee productivity. Warm yellows are best for breakout areas and zen rooms as it supports relaxation and down time, whereas bright white boosts energy and creative output.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the light bars in your roof, consider introducing at least one additional form of lighting to your office makeover. Aside from the traditional desk or floor lamp, we recommend illuminating your walls instead. Wall lights are a fantastic way to save space and make a smaller room seem larger whilst also providing the opportunity to emphasize your décor scheme.

Creating that perfect space for you and your team can be very rewarding and doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Whether you love a DIY project or need the job done fast, there are many options to suit any budget and style.

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