Victory Offices Partners with Innovative Food Delivery Service Foodifox to Enhance Customer Experience

Victory Offices, a leader in serviced and flexible workspaces, has teamed up with new tech-driven food and beverage label, Foodifox, to launch one of their state-of-the-art thermal lockers at Victory Offices 333 Collins Street in Melbourne.

Foodifox is disrupting the way we experience food and Victory Offices is excited to become the first and only serviced office provider to collaborate with them. Foodifox’s framework allows users to pre-order their lunch from the app and have it delivered straight to their nearest locker – contactless, convenient, and fresh.

The Foodifox instalment at 333 Collins Street reduces the time Victory Offices members must take each day to find a healthy fresh meal. The locker temperature is adjustable, food hygiene is maintained, and users simply scan the QR code in the app to unlock their assigned locker to take out their freshly prepared Foodifox meal. It is delicious, time-saving, and great value for money – something that office workers crave.

Officially launched on 17th March, Rebecca Lam, Business Development and Partnerships Coordinator at Foodifox said, “The launch was a great turn out. Thank you to the whole team at Victory Offices, we look forward to creating the future of lunchtime at work together.”

As the future of work consists of workplaces prioritising employee health and wellbeing, Victory Offices has put a strong focus on providing unique benefits for their members.

Victory Offices has chosen to partner with Foodifox to enhance our service offerings to our members and encourage a healthier workplace by providing the option to order freshly cooked meals delivered to them! We hope our members enjoy this new initiative and we look forward to bringing more value-added services and offerings to all of our other Victory Offices locations.

Misha Baxter, Global General Manager of Victory Offices

At just $11 per meal, with no delivery fees and no wait times, Foodifox is fast becoming a serious competitor in the food delivery industry. Recipes are made from passionate chefs at Foodifox’s headquarters on Queen Street and they include a range of cuisines such as Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Japanese, and more.

To find out more about Foodifox, visit

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