4 Key Financial Moves to Make during COVID-19

COVID-19 has put a whole new lens on how we see things.

Our health is our top priority, but as the economy and its markets constrict around us, being financially resilient is an entirely new focus.

What are the best financial strategies to survive the ‘now’ and how do we position ourselves to springboard into financial wellbeing?

In this timely session, Peter Handberg, Senior Advisor at WealthHQ will take us through the 4 Key Financial Moves we can make to:

• ‘Circle the wagons’ to survive the ‘now’,

• Assess our super & investments to minimise the hit and ride the recovery back,

• Be ‘money-secure’ by creating a framework for financial resilience, and

• Deploy key strategies to engage, motivate and accelerate us towards our financial and life goals.

Meet Peter:

Peter is the Senior Advisor at WealthHQ. With 20+ years’ in financial advice and corporate strategy, Peter is passionate about getting clients in control of their money and implementing effective strategies to get ahead. His straight-forward advice gives his clients the peace-of-mind of feeling ‘money-secure’ and excited about their financial future.

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