Building Strategic Alliances

There are so many different marketing strategies to consider and this presentation will delve deep into understanding and utilising relationship-focused marketing. This strategy enables you to develop relationships that lead to regular referrals and collaboration projects.

Why is relationship marketing so important?

  • It fosters loyalty
  • As you gain client loyalty and trust the price of your service or product becomes less important
  • It’s a referral generator
  • Upselling & cross-selling is much easier
  • The cost of acquisition is far less

Jenny Boymal will lead a panel discussion with Antony Gaddie and George Giamadakis, all marketing strategists who have built strategic alliances that lead to closed deals and business growth, both for clients and in their own businesses.

Jenny Boymal – Symphony 7 CEO

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Antony Gaddie – Symphony 7 Founder, Green Ant Marketing CEO


George Giamadakis – Symphony 7 Director