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The COVID challenge continues to test small businesses. But from adversity comes opportunity.

Recent changes to the government support framework and a longer-term COVID recovery mean small-business owners need to reassess support measures available and their business resilience.

In this timely 30 min. update, Daniel Vicino from Spire Business Services will provide:

  1. An update on changes to government and commercial support measures,
  2. Strategic accounting measures for commercial buoyancy, and
  3. Case study initiatives to position yourself at the forefront for the recovery.

This session will be invaluable to making a commercial mind-shift to enduring business success.

Meet Daniel:

Daniel Vicino is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with extensive experience in streamlining the financial performance of Small to Medium Enterprise (SMEs). He focusses on clear and valuable business planning, performance benchmarking, commercial strategy, and tax compliance advice as a key stakeholder to his clients’ commercial success.

Look forward to seeing you online!