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The importance of finding your tribe in business

An incredible and expert panel will focus on the importance of finding your tribe when running a business.

They will share their experiences, their expertise and will leave you with some tips to help you find the right tribe for you.


Jenny Boymal – CEO, Symphony 7

CEO of Symphony 7, a busines community, focused on bringing businesses together who are passionate about using profit as a force for good. Incredible knack for building long term win-win relationships. Insightful opinions. Humanitarian. Consummate Connector! Passionate! Optimistic!

Noirin Mosely – Director, Educate to Elevate

Director of Educate to Elevate and Race Party. Develops bespoke online learning platforms for businesses, with a focus on meaningful learning outcomes. Generous connector. Aware of others. Delightful (Irish) accent. Optimistic!

Victor Perton – Founder, The Centre for Optimism

Founder, The Centre for Optimism. Director, Yarra Valley Water. Former advisor to the Australian Commonwealth Treasury. Former Commissioner to the Americas for Victoria. Former Chair of the Forum for a Democratic China. Former President of Australia/NZ/Mexico Chamber of Commerce. Generous! Worldly! Optimist! Victor!

Matt Murray – Business Mentor

Introduced to us as “The Walking LinkedIn”. Has added value to more business owners and senior executives than most people. Builder of long term relationships. Deal-maker. Deal-making-coach. Connector. Advisor. Bringer of laughter! Optimistic!

See you online!