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Keys to Creating Content that Aligns with Your Business

What content should I write?

How often should I publish?

Will I run out of content?

…and what if no one likes it?

No more writer’s block and imposter syndrome.

Today content is key to your online professional presence, but more importantly, it’s the beating heart of your social currency.

It’s how your ideal clients identify, clarify and decide if they like, trust and want to work with you.

Think you’d rather hold back and not create content?

Think again… because you’re being judged either way!

NOT having a presence, or having an inconsistent presence, is far more damaging.

So what now?

It’s time you had a content strategy.

Key topics:

  • How ideas are born
  • Connecting content to your business goals
  • Simplified secrets of great storytelling
  • Efficiency tools and hacks
  • FAQs: frequency, timing, format

Megan Edwards is a Melbourne-born LinkedIn strategist and content marketer of over 20 years, who began her marketing career back when print advertising was the dominant communication channel.

She helps businesses of all sizes build a LinkedIn presence to support their business goals, with a key focus on growing brand awareness, lead generation and authority.

A lifelong wordsmith and educator, her passion is making it simple for anyone to leverage the power of LinkedIn and create great content.

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