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What Do Business Leaders Need to Do Now to Move From Respond to Recovery

As businesses have all now moved through the Respond phase of the global pandemic, we have to ask ourselves what’s next?

What do Leaders need to do now to truly move their businesses into Recovery and onto a pathway to Thrive?

Victory Offices is delighted to host a webinar with market leaders and authorities Marianne Roux (Consulting Director, Professor of Practice, Roux Consulting), Ingrid Maynard (Founder and Managing Director, The Sales Dr), and John Rogers (Chief Executive Officer – Strategy and Operations, Wilson Group). In a conversation moderated by our Chief Brand Officer, Wendi Dawson, they will share their insights and expertise on:

  • The real challenges and struggles in the market
  • What’s working well – and what is not
  • The value of “Purpose” at a Leadership level
  • Planning for a completely different-looking future – what are the trends
  • Paradoxes of Recovery for Leaders
  • The Skills Leaders will need to develop to Lead in Complexity and Uncertainty

Whilst this will be a moderated discussion, we encourage questions and our panellists will be delighted to take them from the attendees.

We look forward to seeing you online!