Victory Offices sits down with Michael Bartura, founder and CEO of Positive Neuroplasticity, to discuss how we can begin to understand and accept ourselves whilst finding value in a crisis like COVID-19.

Cate O’Connor interviews Michael Bartura and together they will be touching on the following key points:

  • Do we ever know ourselves fully?
  • Do we ever really know how others see us?
  • What are the benefits of actually pursuing the removal of the comfortable but stagnating view of ourselves?
  • How has COVID-19 affected you? What’s the biggest challenge for you right now?
  • What is one goal in your life that COVID-19 is helping you achieve?


Michael has been involved in lifestyle education, health & wellness promotion, training and organisational development since the mid-Eighties. With decades of management experience across sectors in four continents, Michael brings to the table a well-refined cross-cultural mentoring capacity and a managerial acumen amassed in both not-for-profit and business contexts. He has extensive experience in Mindfulness practices and delivers insightful and engaging training seminars and group-work through nondenominational science-based methodologies.

In earlier years, Michael worked as a therapist and a trainer in clinics and centres in Australia, the UK, the US, and Canada. Later, he undertook senior managerial roles in international businesses and charities.

He now runs his own coaching practice based on Mindfulness-based Leadership and Positive Neuroplasticity to work with individuals, organisations, and Startups. He is a member of the core faculty of the School of Life in Melbourne and the development team for the new Ripple Affect Institute.