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To emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 was a crisis that overnight changed the way we work. And now, months later, we are having to come to terms with this “new normal” and that this could be the blueprint for the long term.

These changes include:

  • Working full time or partially from home
  • Having to balance work and family in the same environment
  • Greater pressures on our mental health

Therefore, Victory Offices have invited Anna Ramondetta to speak on the subject of how you can REFLECT, REWORK, AND REFOCUS. Three skills that will see you become more agile and resilient, not only during a pandemic but beyond.

Use the learnings of 2020 to build a stronger business (without throwing away what you’ve already built!)

What can your attendee expect timewise from this webinar:

  • 5-minute introduction on the speaker and topic
  • A 40-45-minute session
  • 5-minutes of questions from the attendees

Come and find out ways to reimagine a better brighter business with Anna Ramondetta from Luminus League.

About host Anna Ramondetta

Luminus League Director, Anna Ramondetta is passionate about empowering leaders and teams to work better together so they can deliver on their business outcomes.

Whilst having come from a corporate background, Anna is greatly entrenched in family business and has been a business owner for over 10 years. This experience makes her empathetic to the challenges and issues businesses face on a daily basis. With a Bachelor in Marketing and Economics, training and coaching qualifications, and over twenty years’ experience as a professional in London and Australia, Anna is highly skilled in her areas of expertise.

Over the years, clients have ranged from franchising startups, to established SME’s , through to well-known brand names such as Nestle, Dulux, Masterfoods, and Mercedes Benz – paving the way for Anna to build and refine a range of skills that are unique to her and invaluable to clients.