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How sales leaders can adapt to the new normal


Although the full implications of the pandemic are far from certain, it’s economic consequences are already dire.

This is exactly why Victory Offices has asked Brad Tonini to host a webinar to discuss Selling In The New World.

In this session he will cover:

  • Selling in the next decade and beyond requires a new mindset
  • How to build a client acquisition strategy when people are risk-averse
  • How to create a blended account servicing mindset
  • Creating the must-have tools for selling success

About Brad Tonini:

Brad has had over 18 years of running his own business. As a sought after sales strategist, he has helped thousands of business owners, sales managers, and salespeople increase their sales quickly.

His clients are from a range of industries such as Jayco Caravans, Optus, Isuzu Trucks, John Deere, and a host of small to medium-sized companies.

Brad Tonini is the founder of the Trusted Advisor Selling Institute, a business dedicated to increasing sales results using the Trusted Advisor Selling method.

An author of 13 Books, Audio & Video Programs Brad’s energy is said by the audience as someone who is passionate about developing a winning business.