Purpose-led businesses are changing the world!

Industries are transforming like never before. Businesses need to adapt to their changing environment and fast. Customers expect brands to do more than just sell goods and services, they’re expecting a larger purpose.

Today, being a purpose-led company is great for business. Purpose-led companies share a few common traits, they’re ambitious, innovative and at the same time changing the world for the better. They’re attracting more investment, have loyal customers and proving to have higher workforce and customer satisfaction than their competitors.

In this webinar we dive deep into;

• What is a purpose-led business?

• Making profit while doing good

• Why consumers are switching to ethical products and services

• Sustainability increases the longevity of business

• How to run a purpose-led business

About Daniel

Daniel Bulut is the Co-Founder of Mindly Studio, an ethical user experience studio. Daniel helps purpose-led businesses solve challenges through human-centred design and communication. His work helps businesses give their customers better experiences, improve brand connection and progress towards making a bigger impact through their operation. Daniel is ambitious in his mission for businesses to do well while doing good.

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