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How to leverage other businesses assets, infrastructure, and customer lists to create a WIN/WIN/WIN situation for all involved

The world of Joint Ventures never ceases to amaze. It’s one of the few fields where a single entrepreneur is on a level playing field even with the largest of corporations – including the Fortune 500.

You see, the core process of all Joint Venture opportunities is to find successful companies to Joint venture with, utilising business ideas and marketing campaigns.


  • Gain the instant ability to benefit from all their resources and be “playing” in a much larger market than you could on your own.
  • Don’t spend a thing. The vast majority of deals – even deals with large mega-corporations – require little or none of your own resources.
  • And because you are Joint Venturing and utilising existing marketing campaigns, you do not need a product or service of your own, a web site, staff to manage, or a customer list.

It doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

That said, there are many ways you can go wrong with your JV deals.

Joint Ventures are what many people refer to as “simple but not easy”.

Which is exactly why Victory Offices are thrilled to be hosting the incredible Johann Nogueira of Business Authorities, who will take you through the blueprints of seven strategies, you’ll be able to make sure you’ve covered all the nuances and all the details, reducing the practice of each strategy to as easy a process as possible.


  1. How to use Other Peoples Money, Other People’s Expertise, and Other People’s Time to make you wealthy.
  2. How a newcomer to deal-making made $80,000 on his first deal without spending a penny of his own.
  3. How do you get a total stranger to back you 100%, providing you with all the capital, marketing muscle, and credibility you need even if all you have is an idea and a dream?
  4. How a radio DJ conceived an amazing 5 way Joint Venture that created profits, goodwill, free publicity, increased exposure, and advertising dollars for everyone involved.
  5. Three simple methods you can use to make money from your mailing list even if you have less than 1000 people on it.
  6. How a regular guy, who once was in over $147,000 worth of debt, discovered four dead-simple yet often overlooked techniques that, when applied to Joint Ventures, have the power to produce money at will.
  7. Get the inside scoop on how two companies with seemingly nothing in common got together, brainstormed a massive Joint Venture, and are both laughing all the way to the bank!