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Boosting deep relaxation

Finish off your workday feeling relaxed and as though you’ve slept for hours as you wind up this Wednesday with a deep relaxation practice.

It has been said that 30-minutes of this particular practice is equivalent to about two hours of deep sleep. All that you’ll require is a quiet space to lie down in comfortably, a blanket to keep the body warm as it relaxes and cools, perhaps something to cover your eyes if the room you’ll be in is bright and maybe a cushion beneath the backs of your knees or your head, if you wish – anything that allows you to be comfortable and at ease.

Event 3 of 3 | Over the course of three Wednesdays in the month of September, each 30-minute virtual Mind Your Mojo© session is an opportunity for you to pause in the middle of the week to catch your breath and relax.


Through her Mind Your Mojo© programs, Angela Smith guides professionals to foster positive habits to counter the negative impacts of stress. Her programs emphasise how over time, positive resilience habits can become hard-wired into the brain, ultimately boosting one’s resilience.

The foundation of Angela’s mindfulness programs can be found in the practices of Eastern contemplative traditions that she has practised and studied for more than three decades, as well as the contemporary neuroscience that validates the benefits of these practices.

In addition to being a Hatha Yoga teacher as recognised by Yoga Australia, Angela is also a student, studying Mindfulness and Resilience to Stress in the Workplace through the University of California at Berkeley.