Capital Expansion – Why Expanding Into Canberra is Perfect for Life & Business

Voted Australia’s Most Liveable City by the Property Council of Australia earlier in 2021, it’s no surprise that business owners, families and international enterprises have their eyes on our beautiful Capital City. Dubbed the “bush capital” for its sprawling national parks and lakeside picnic spots, Canberra brings city life and country living together, perfect for business people and families alike. 

Breathe Easy

When looking for relocation opportunities, safety is always towards the top of our list. Whether we are moving for business or a change of scenery, it is important to know where our new home ranks. Fortunately, Canberra is ongoing one of the safest cities in the world, well below national average and ranked number one in Australia. 

Not only is the crime rate low, the air quality is fresh and welcoming almost all year round. Even in the busiest parts of the city you can stand outside and take in the deepest breath, mainly due to the abundance of flora and fauna lining the streets and parks. Canberra was also awarded the 2021 Most Sustainable City outside of Europe with an almost 100% reliance on renewable energy.  

Local Living

It’s no secret that the people of Canberra embrace a sense of community, belonging and support. The locals rally around events of all shapes and sizes, from small scale Sunday Markets to large gala dinners for a cause. Many Canberran’s give up their time regularly through volunteering projects that benefit the community and are proud of their “give back” attitude. 

For those wanting to relocate with a family, Canberra has some of the best educational facilities in Australia, having the highest percentage of young people completing their Year 12 Certificates. Canberra does not operate on the well-known HSC model and insists on running exams quarterly and marking in-house. Most suburbs also have a local primary school with a fair choice between private and public education. 

Contrary to popular belief, there are more things to see and do in Canberra than meets the eye. The hospitality industry is growing rapidly with new cafes, bars and restaurants popping up weekly to satisfy your inner foodie, not to mention the ever-growing popularity of local breweries, food trucks and international eats. 

If you’re an active individual, there are hundreds of walking/cycling trails, lake kayaking, rock climbing and even skydiving over the capital. And even if you have a favourite hobby already, you are sure to find a like-minded group through Facebook or Meetup. 

Taking Care of Business

Let’s get down to the real important stuff, starting or expanding your business into Canberra. This is the political city of Australia and houses more government and defence jobs than anywhere else, which is fantastic for those businesses wanting to make a long term impact. 

Canberra is the definition of collaboration and making big things happen through networking, innovation and brand establishment. It is a city that has a thriving start-up ecosystem with a multitude of coworking spaces and hubs for the emerging entrepreneur. As an established business, you may find it beneficial to take a membership with the many networking groups or chambers to make new connections, find opportunities and gain the innovation you need for success.

Canberra is a wonderful place to live and work, a remarkable city for its size and population and with delightful surprises around every corner encouraging more families and businesses to make the move to Australia’s capital.

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