Victory Offices are 2017 Australian Service Excellence Awards Finalists

For 16 years, the Australian Service Excellence Awards (ASEAs) program recognises top performing organisations and individuals in the field of customer service.

We are proud to be a nominated as a finalist for the 2017 Customer Service Organisation of the Year. It is fantastic to be recognised for our efforts to provide everyone who walks through our doors with 6-star service, exceeding the benchmark in every possible way we can.

As quoted by our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, in recognition of these awards, “customers are key to the success of any business, and this has never been more true in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.” We at Victory Offices agree, as our mantra is , “Your success is our success”.

What Makes Victory Offices Different?

Unlike traditional serviced office providers based around delivering a functional set of requirements, our philosophy is focused on enhancing customer interaction & experience.   No one else combines the quality of physical space and amenities with a dedication to services at every level, and the complete customisation of both physical and service together like Victory Offices.

At Victory Offices we are more than just a supplier of a physical space to our customers. We help enable business success by removing the barriers that stand between our clients and what they need to achieve in their journey for victory. We genuinely care about the success of our clients, and are proud to play a key role in the growth and development of the businesses that we partner with.

At our core, we are a customer service business that not only sells office space but an experience, that is key to the propelling success experienced of our clients. The recognition of being not only nominated but a finalist for these awards are a fantastic way to prove just that.