As web-based businesses continue to expand and start-up culture thrives in Australia, more and more companies yearn for greater value in their office arrangements, including the capability for flexibility, scalability and support.

Serviced offices have existed for a long time, offering a quality working environment and extra services for businesses that find traditional commercial leasing options to be unsuitable. Today, they are more popular than ever before.

Support Services

The original draw card of serviced offices was their ability to reduce overheads by supplying furniture and maintenance services such as cleaning, security, insurance and repairs. Serviced offices attract companies by allowing them to utilise the latest technology, from high-speed internet and teleconferencing facilities to voice command capabilities.

Modern serviced offices also provide other services that businesses would otherwise struggle to afford. This includes a fully staffed reception area that can welcome guests, professionally answer calls in the relevant company name, and offer other virtual office services.

Businesses can also access additional specialised services. For example, Victory Offices allow companies to access professional secretarial services when they need them, paying for these services in 15-minute increments, per hour, or per day.

Flexible Arrangements

Scalability is crucial to modern business and is one of the factors driving the popularity of serviced offices. Today, entrepreneurs or small businesses can utilise shared office spaces, allowing them to reduce costs and enjoy a contemporary, collaborative working environment filled with like-minded professionals.

While standard commercial leases are often lengthy, have locked-in terms and come with huge notice periods, serviced offices offer a variety of options to suit different companies and their budgets. A business has the freedom to upgrade or downgrade to different office space within their lease terms.

Companies can also take advantage of short-term office spaces and meeting spaces, which they could utilise for a special project, boardroom meeting or collaboration. This allows them to enjoy a stylish and sophisticated office space for 10 minutes or an entire day. Even large corporations that have their own traditional office spaces take advantage of these services when they are visiting another city or are abroad.

The Little Extras

Then there are the little things like stylish design, quality furniture, beautiful city views, and catering and beverage services that make serviced offices that much more appealing. This improves the workplace for all staff as well as impressing any clients or other guests that visit the office space.

At Victory Offices, some of the things our client businesses enjoy include:

  • Unlimited European machine coffee and T2 tea with on-site barista services
  • Elegant, European furniture and ergonomic seating
  • Acoustically sound rooms, and
  • High-class views overlooking the city skylines of Melbourne and Sydney.

Serviced Offices in Melbourne and Sydney

If you’re interested in high-quality, high-class, flexible serviced offices for your business in Melbourne or Sydney, get in touch with Victory Offices. Call us on 1300 788 292 for more information or contact us online.