Union leaders urged bosses to be more flexible to let employees work from home, to reduce commuting costs and help people cope with caring and childcare responsibilities.

Are you thinking? “Oh, this solution is for me”. Knowing you can stick a wash on in between work calls; not even having to get dressed: I can see all office workers swooning at the thought of how much easier life would be.

Well, actually, it can’t be. According to THE AGE, home-working may not work in all profiles:

Working from home can leave you socially and professionally isolated.”

You may also be losing confidence in your skills or feel pain to communicate with your co-workers. Would you be able to let them treat your workday like “free time?”

Would you be tired of listening to worker bees in the main hive, who suspect that you are simply sitting on the sofa drinking a coffee or having a quick seven-hour nap?

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