A physical business address is not only essential for those who run large corporations, it is also a necessity for home based businesses. If you run your business from home then the most obvious address to use would be your home address, but be mindful that this can expose risk to your safety and privacy. A PO Box provides an address without the risk, however this can give the wrong impression to potential clients. A physical address is key to attracting and gaining customers; here’s why.

The reputation of your business is vital. No matter how good your services or products are, if consumers don’t trust your business they will not spend their money with you. Serviced office provider Victory Offices, provides the most prestigious and professional business locations. This allows clients to impress their potential customers when handing out their business card and utilising a credible address on their website. A reputable physical address for your business builds a successful and trustworthy reputation.

You are more likely to have customers come to your workplace when you have a physical address displayed on your business card or website. Serviced Office providers also provide meeting rooms which are available for clients to hold their meetings at their business address rather than looking externally.

Most consumers research a business online before buying from them, and many prefer to buy locally. If you have a physical address on your website this makes your company more visible and searchable on Google Places. Don’t risk missing out on client revenue just because you don’t have the right exposure.

Investing in physical office space can be expensive, so why not investigate virtual office spaces? Virtual office spaces do not require a long-term commercial lease commitment and have low overheads because companies don’t need to invest in full-time staff or office equipment. Virtual office packages start from $50.00 per month. Contact Victory Offices on 1300 788 292 to find out more.

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