Getting The Most Out Of Your Coworking Office

The demand for coworking spaces is growing at an exponential rate, with more than 1 million people utilising these areas worldwide. In fact, 75% of start-ups are now based in coworking areas. With flexible workspace solutions on the rise, it is important to understand how you can take full advantage of your coworking office!

Creating your own office space

Personalising your desk within a communal setting is proven to increase productivity by 25%. Simply using your own coffee cup paired with statement stationary and a live plant will ensure every moment you spend at your coworking desk is productive.

Apply the Pomodoro technique to increase productivity

Office distractions come in many forms such as mobile phones, social media, personal calls, or even a casual conversation among colleagues. Fight the urge to become distracted by applying the Pomodoro technique. This technique states that for every 25 minutes of constant work, you should take a quick break. During this moment of rest, you are encouraged to get a coffee, go for a short walk, or catch up on any distractions that occurred during the previous 25 minutes of work. Once the break is over, begin another 25 minutes of uninterrupted work. This useful technique minimises distractions while keeping you focused on those valuable 25 minutes of work.

Take full advantage of the boundless networking opportunities

Coworking areas are occupied with driven small to medium businesses looking to achieve their own success. While working, there will be an abundance of networking and socialising events for your business to benefit from. Sometimes all it takes to become inspired is to surround yourself with other creative, like-minded people.The networking events not only provide the possibility of expanding your business network, but can also create potential opportunities for collaboration. Take the chance to work alongside some exciting start-ups and influential entrepreneurs to produce something that could not have been achieved without their support.

Using the supportive amenities for your benefit

Coworking spaces are more than just a shared office space occupied with other thriving businesses. Several coworking offices provide additional services and facilities with the intention of assisting your business’ success. Make full use of available professional meeting rooms to pitch your next significant business proposal, or utilise secretarial services that can assist with personalised guest greetings to make a memorable first impression.

At Victory Offices, our coworking spaces come with the inclusions of professional onsite technical and administrative support, mail handling, and the availability of unlimited European coffee and T2 tea for you and your guests. With services such as these, it comes as no surprise that coworking spaces have become a highly sought-after flexible office solution.

Following the above techniques ensures that you can work to your fullest potential whilst taking advantage of the several beneficial amenities of your coworking space. If you believe your business can benefit from these creative and inspiring workspaces, let Victory Offices tailor the perfect flexible workspace solution designed for your business success.