The current state of today’s market is leaving businesses questioning the cost of renting an office space and whether it’s even worth the investment. With flexible office solutions such as virtual offices becoming a viable alternative to traditional offices, should businesses be looking towards the competitive advantages of having an office without occupying physical space? There is great value in having a virtual office instead of renting a traditional office space.

An authentic perception of credibility

Having a physical address within a recognisable location as well as a unique prefix phone number instantly builds credibility. Many virtual office clients are typically growing small businesses, workers operating remotely or expanding businesses transitioning into another office space. Many of these businesses have just begun or are a few years into their entrepreneurial journey. The association of having a business located within a highly desirable area validates any business’s legitimacy regardless of size or scope. It ultimately gives an impression of a highly successful business able to afford the luxury of situating their business within a professional area resulting in client’s trust and furthering the possibility of an ongoing business relationship.

Escape the high costs of renting traditional office space

Office rent, utilities, maintenance, fit outs, moving fees and administration costs, all start to add up in a short amount of time and without any notice. A basic office fit out for a small business can cost anywhere up to $50,000 . Virtual offices can be as low as $75 per month . The costs involved for finding suitable office space ultimately steal funds from other areas of the business. This can cause a serious roadblock in any business’s path to success. Virtual office users eliminate most, if not all overhead costs when they sign up for a virtual office.

Professional services that leave a lasting impression

Often undervalued is the importance of having a professional Receptionist. They answer calls in your company name, greet guests and also assist with any organisational requirements.  Having a professionally trained Receptionist greet guests in an exceptional manner give an unforgettable first impression. It only takes 30 milliseconds for someone to instantly create a first impression and in most professional circumstances, the first impression is made by the Receptionist. Virtual office users take full advantage of having a professional Receptionist without adding another person’s salary to an already tight budget while still maintaining a high level of professionalism and courtesy.

Increase productivity and eliminate the commute

The flexibility of working regardless of location is one of biggest draws for a virtual office client. A study conducted by uSamp determined that 67% of professional workers felt that when given the option to work remotely their overall productivity increased. Given that favourability to working remotely, it is no surprise that many virtual office clients tend to work from unconventional locations. As such, virtual office users eliminate the entire commute, saving the business time and money. With significant savings on the above-mentioned factors, those resources can be reallocated into other areas that demand attention.

Complimentary access to meeting rooms as well as other amenities

Victory Offices virtual office packages include access to meeting rooms, day suites, printing facilities, secretarial services and much more. Meeting rooms by design create an atmosphere of sophistication, free from distractions or interference from outside sources. Being able to conduct a professional meeting in the appropriate setting not only sets a tone for the meeting itself, but also demonstrates the professionalism towards clients and guests. Virtual office users can keep the appearance of an established business without having to afford a meeting room along with an office space. Victory Offices also provides access to all other amenities that your business needs to succeed.

Virtual offices are a fantastic solution for any thriving small business. Having the flexibility to work at any location while appearing as a reputable business is the biggest advantage for virtual office users. At Victory Offices we tailor exemplary virtual office packages to suit your specific needs and requirements.. Let us provide the perfect solution for your business, enquire today!