Consider this your introverts guide to networking.

As an introvert networking and small talk don’t come easy, and often the idea of walking into a room full of strangers is enough to bring on a panic attack.

But networking is a crucial part of any job. Learning how to network as an introvert could be what makes or breaks your opportunity to advance in your career.

So today I want to cover 3 ways you can master the ability to network, even when anxiety is high and you would rather be anywhere else than in a crowded room full of nametagged strangers.

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1. Be yourself!

I know, it sounds cliché, but it’s true! Networking has gotten a bad rap, but at its core, networking is merely relationship building, it’s not schmoozing, it’s communicating. And it’s important to understand the strengths of your communication style – for example, introverts are usually better at creating intimate one on one relationships and are generally better listeners, two important social superpowers!

2. Do your research!

First ask yourself: What is the point of this networking event? And Why am I here? Figure out your specific goals for attending. Next, ask yourself: Who is it being hosted by and who will be in attendance? Then look them up on LinkedIn, find out what industries they’re in and develop a short but concise list of people you want to talk to.

3. Put on your listening ears!

Once you’ve prepared a list of roughly 10 questions, some of my favourites being:

How did you hear about this event?

What do you do?

How long have you been in your current position?

Are you working on any interesting projects?

Do you have a side hustle outside of work?

Remember that people like talking about themselves, and new research from Harvard suggests that asking more questions – and asking more follow-up questions – increases your likability.


Do you have any of your own tips for How To Network As An Introvert? Include them in the comments below, that’s where the most important conversations happen, and where you can begin to find your community!

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