American country music sensation Sam Riddle is performing at the Victory Lounge in a one-and-only show before he heads back to the US!

Riddle’s live shows are unlike anything else! His charisma, energy, musicianship, and songwriting have made him beloved by fans around the globe and this intimate, up close and personal show at will be a fantastic night to sit back, have a couple of drinks, and hear what all the rave is about for yourself.

With influences ranging all over the musical spectrum, Riddle has honed in on a sound and style all his own. Sam’s songs hit the soul and provide an uncanny ability to connect with all walks of life. They have an emphasis on love, having fun, and believing that true greatness lies within each and every one of us. His music makes you want to take a road trip with friends, get out on the water, or simply sit back with your eyes closed and be transported right back to pure emotion and energy.

The River Rats, Sam’s loyal fan base, continue to multiply exponentially with each extraordinary and infectious performance.