The Problem With Positive Thinking And What To Do Instead

How often have you had a bad day and been told to think positively?

Often this piece of unwelcome advice only leads to more anxiety when these ‘positive thoughts’ aren’t deeply believed, confirmed, or backed up by your own experience.

Why? Because positive thinking operates at the surface level of conscious thinking and does nothing to contend with the subconscious mind where limiting beliefs actually live.

So what can we do instead?


We’ve been honored to host Chris Helder and personally live by his creed of Useful Belief in place of vague positivity.

Watch the video below for examples of what you can say instead:

2. Focus on progress not perfection

This simple mindset shift is proven to improve mood, encourage learning, and fosters independence and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Making and admitting to mistakes is a necessary part of learning, of growing, and of being human.

3. Take responsibility and be accountable for your actions

Instead of using the emotional band-aid of positive thinking look at the deeper root of your frustration and action steps to properly heal.

Think about it this way, if you’re responsible for your negative feelings, you also hold the solution to resolving them.

Do you have any other questions or thoughts about what you can do in place of positive thinking? Include them in the comments below, that’s where the most important conversations happen!

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