The Revived Return – Healthy Habits When Returning to the Office


It’s no doubt that being in lockdown and working from home has left some of us feeling fatigued, out of routine and uncertain what the big return to the office will look like. 

Recent surveys are showing most Australians are ready to move to a hybrid working model to allow more work-life balance and increase productivity, however that doesn’t mean we should slip into the same old routine once we return. 

In most instances returning to the office is a great time to start fresh, create healthy habits and strengthen mental health.


Wipe the Slate

There is nothing worse than coming home and seeing a mountain of dishes or laundry piled up, so why should your office be any different. For some, it has been months since their office has been touched so there may very well be a firm layer of dust on all surfaces, maybe even some milk in the fridge from June 2021 (it happens!). 

Our most valuable recommendation on your first day back is to take the time to deep clean your workspace, throw out anything unnecessary, file old paperwork properly and return it to all its glory. If you’re unhappy with the layout, change it. If you want to redecorate and revamp, go right ahead. Not only do you end up with a beautiful and clean workspace, but your team will appreciate it too. 

Need motivation? Review our blog on sprucing your office –

Its Automatic, Systematic

One thing you may want to review when making your big office return is your personal systems and procedures. How you organised your day in 2019 may no longer be relevant or time effective and with all the amazing technology introduced throughout the pandemic, time can be prioritized on the most important things. 

As an example, could a team meeting really be the most effective way to provide information? Possibly a recorded webinar going through essential need-to-know information is going to be received better and taken more seriously. Reducing your email flow and contact between departments can also make for better communication. 

As always, your best chance of improving your processes is in fact a process itself. Define | Measure | Analyse | Design | Verify

Count Your Pennies

Prior to the pandemic, the average Australian spent $15-$20 per day on purchasing lunch and snacks on workdays. That’s over $5,000 a year in gourmet sandwiches, greasy delights and food delivery services. 

Since working from home, our eating habits have changed, and our cooking & baking has increased dramatically through essential grocery shopping (most notably, we have all made THE best banana bread, right?). 

This is an amazing behaviour that shouldn’t fade when returning to the office, especially with more flexibility and balance. Making your own lunch at home promotes healthy choices, saves big money, provides unlimited options and there is something personally satisfying about preparing your own meal. 

There are thousands of lunch ideas out there so shake things up for summer. 

You Deserve a Break

Did you know that 72% of employees admit to not taking regular lunch or tea breaks? This is either due to time sensitive projects, lack of motivation to leave the office or the old “I’m not hungry” excuse. After such a rollercoaster of 2020 and 2021, this is one habit you’ll be happy to kick. 

Regular breaks are vital to productivity, reducing brain fog, finding inspiration, and building professional relationships. Fresh air revitalises the mind, taking a walk increases the daily step count and chatting with your team around the office can spark new ideas and strengthen teams. 

If you’re the boss, it is important to ensure your team is taking the right breaks too, happy team = healthy targets.  

If you have any ideas or suggestions on what your return to the office is going to look like, we would love to hear it!

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