Would you like to get practical tips on how to look professional & feel confident in front of the camera and manage the way people perceive you online?

Video calls are becoming increasingly common, especially now with Covid-19 forcing us online to perform the majority of our professional duties. But have you stopped to think about how you might look on screen? Or how your behavior translates in an online setting?


  • How to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera
  • Lighting / Background / Equipment
  • How to look your best (the right outfits and camera angles)
  • Importance of non-verbal communication (facial expressions & hands movements)
  • The psychology of trust and credibility

Yana Martens expertise is based in an understanding of self-image and human behaviour from a degree in psychology, combined with years in front and behind the camera, as a model and photographer. She helps her clients to elevate their personal brand by increasing self-awareness, encouraging them to get out of the comfort zone and face their fears of being seen and judged.