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There’s been plenty of joking that our pets are the only ones benefitting from orders to stay-at-home as restrictions remain during this coronavirus pandemic.

But what happens when we return to work and our children to school?

It will be imperative that we begin to prepare our animals now to ensure it’s not such an extreme transition, which is exactly why Victory Offices has partnered with Lort Smith and Smart Dog Behaviour Training founder and trainer Mia Shaw to aid you in:

  • Understanding the signs of anxiety in your pet
  • First steps you can take to begin separating thoughtfully
  • How you can enrich their alone time

Feel free to bring along your furry friend to our online webinar and any questions you might have as we’ll be ending the session with a quick Q+A.


Lort Smith is an iconic Melbourne institution providing exceptional veterinary services for all pet carers. We aim to provide world-class animal healthcare and wellbeing services through high-quality vet care and state-of-the-art facilities. But we do more than that. We champion the human-animal bond and have a unique legacy of compassion for pets and people in our community.


With over nine years of experience working in animal sheltering, for rescue organisations, and private clients, Mia’s aim is to help people understand their dog’s unique behaviour and empower them with the knowledge, resources, and skills they need to live happily with their pets.

When not working with private clients, Mia keeps busy with her responsibilities as an Animal Welfare Officer & Head Trainer at Lort Smith, the largest animal hospital in Australia.


This event is TOTALLY FREE, however Lort Smith relies on your generous support to help deliver vital services to sick, injured, and vulnerable animals each year through multiple community outreach programs and pet adoption.