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Victory Offices has teamed up with Trusted Advisor, Brad Tonini, to bring you his brand new webinar Selling In Challenging Times. Don’t wait and wonder, come and be inspired into action with Brad Tonini!

Unprecedented times requires creative thinking. In this webinar Brad will explore:

  • How to have and keep the Success Mindset
  • How to communicate with your clients to give them certainty
  • What processes you can get to work on right now

Brad has over 16 years of running his own sales and consulting business. As a sought after Sales Strategist, he has helped thousands of business owners, sales managers and salespeople increase their sales quickly.
Brad’s clients vary from notable organisations such as Jayco Caravans, Optus, Isuzu Trucks, and John Deere to a host of small to medium-sized companies.
An author of 13 books, audio and video programs, Brad is renowned as someone who is passionate about developing a winning brand.

For more information about Brad and his unique sales technique, please visit: